Stronger Economies Together

Nebraska Extension is partnering with two multi-county regions to help build high-quality economic development plan. The effort is part of a national program called Stronger Economies Together (SET), funded by a grant awarded to USDA Rural Development, the Southern Regional Development Center and the Purdue Center for Regional Development.

Northeast NE SET

Northeast NE SET, consisting of 17 counties, focused their plan on three primary goals designed to help achieve their vision: Northeast Nebraska forsters global diversification with efficient 21st century infrastructure. Socially responsble employers provide our cistizens with quality jobs in safe and supportive communities. These goals are:

  • Strengthen the economic base by providing business assistance to manufacturers.
  • Develop a diverse, competent and totally committed workforce for new and existing businesses.
  • Facilitate the development of affordable and desirable houring for young adults and families.

Northeast SET has receive a small seed grant to help jumpstart plan implementation. For information and a copy of the plan, contact Carroll Welte,

Partners for Progress
Partners 4 Progress SET Team celebration
The Partners 4 Progress team celebrates new grant and funding awards at the July meeting.

Southeast NE Partners for Progress (P4P) SET region includes the counties of Johnson, Nemaha, Otoe, Pawnee and Richardson. The P4P Vision for Southeast is: Realize our potential as an innovative and vibrant business and industry hub and destination for cultural tourism, supported by an entrepreneurial spirit.

P4P team developed two industry cluster goals and two foundation support goals: 

  • Manufacturing/industry goal focuses on building a regional consortium of large and small companies to increase their competitiveness by combining efforts that enhance employee education and training, technology, and value change development. 
  • Arts & Entertainment is a growing regional cluster, especially in the area of cultural tourism.  The sector has the potential to expand their economic reach into the four-state region and increase outside revenue streams.

To support the two above clusters, entrepreneurship and workforce needs are to be addressed through the P4P Plan.

Download a copy of the P4P Full plan. Cornhusker Economics article on P4P program. Contact Marilyn Schlake,